Most children cannot express their feelings, experiences or problems into words as they only use 8% of verbal communication.

Play is meaningful and significant for children as they use toys and creative art techniques to say what they cannot say, do things that otherwise would be uncomfortable and express feelings that in other settings would be unacceptable.

Khuluma Family Counselling offers support to children (from age 6) who have psychological and emotional conditions that are causing behavioural issues or preventing the child from realising their full potential through the intervention of therapeutic play. A safe, confidential and caring environment is created which allows the child to play with as few limits as possible but enough to ensure their safety. Play and creativity are initiated on an unconscious level that allows for natural healing from within. The toys are their words and play is their language. In this intervention the process of play is more important than the end product.

playtherapy explained
What happens during play therapy sessions?
Child and therapist work together in a counselling space called a “playroom”, which is equipped with special chosen toys that will encourage the safe expression of feelings and support the development of healthy behaviours. Children explore the playroom freely engaging in spontaneous play. The initial focus of the therapy is on building a relationship between a child and the therapist. This relationship is a very important part in the therapeutic process because a child or adolescent will more readily talk about their intimate feelings when they feel respected and accepted for who they are. Self-Awareness and all around awareness is a very important process in play therapy. Throughout the therapy the child is empowered and supported to learn more about who they are, to talk openly about things that are frightening or painful, to be self supportive and to experiment with new behavior. The therapist meets seperately with parents to provide guidance and support.

playtherapy expectations
What can be achieved through play therapy?
Play Therapy can help the individual to become aware of what feelings they have and how these feelings manifest in behaviour and into what they already know about the world. This will help them learn how to become better at ordering and expressing emotions and themselves in constructive and creative ways. The combination of this self-knowledge and training in social skills may help a child understand why they have certain reactions towards situations and how to deal with it in a non-destructive manner and develop healthy decision-making skills. It is in our insterest to help the child build self-respect and also learn about respecting others.

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